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The Ohio Hispanic Coalition's After-School Program was founded in 2002 to ensure that Limited English Proficient (LEP) Latino/Hispanic students were receiving education assistance that is bilingual and bi-culturally-responsive to their educational needs.

The Program takes place Monday to Friday in the afternoons, throughout the school year and enrolls students in Kindergarten through 7th grade (5-14).

North Site: 

East Site: 

West Site: 


Students Enrolled


Meals Served


Nationalities Represented

While attending the program, students receive and engage in physical activities such as:
  • ​Homework Assistance.

  • Bilingual Enrichment Activities like

  • Reading, Math, etc.

  • STEAM Learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics)

  • Educational Gardening​

  • Field trips throughout the school year

  • Physical Activity

  • Social-Emotional Development

  • Meal Provided

  • Content Creation, Digital Skills


Participant Impact

Angelica, a 7-year-old girl, and her family moved to the U.S. While attempting to enroll to 2nd grade in her new Ohio school, she was placed in 1st grade again after receiving low scores on her English language proficiency exam. After starting 1st grade again, Angelica did not receive the necessary language assistance and was failling all her classes that were only in English. Desperate, Angelica's mother contacted the Ohio Hispanic Coalition's Niños en Acción programs and enrolled Angelica to the Summer Enrichment Camp and Afterschool Program. Angelica is back on track as she improved by two grade levels in English Reading & Writing during the program and is now attending 3rd grade with other students her age during the 2022-2023 school year.

Enrollment for the After-School Program takes place in September each year. To enroll your student in the program, please call the respective site.

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