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"Soy Latina" Victim Services

Empowering, Support
& Healing

The Soy Latina, "I am Latina," Victim Services Program serves victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, family violence, dating violence, and stalking. Promotora Specialists, fulfill many functions while working with these cases; they become victim advocates, educators, and caseworkers to ensure that the victim has access to every legal, medical, and social service available to them.

The program parties a client-centered approach in empowering survivors by informing them of the resources available and their legal rights and making decisions that best fit their needs. From the first meeting, Promotoras are there to support the survivor in their decisions and attend any and all meetings, appointments, or hearings for which the survivor wishes them to be present.

Services we offer include

  • Crisis intervention

  • Assistance filing the victim compensation application

  • Registering for the VINE line

  • Referrals to other necessary services

  • Safety planning

  • Medical and legal advocacy

  • Court companionship

  • Life coaching

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Let's Talk About It
Hablemos Sobre Esto

Dedicated to creating awareness about domestic violence and providing support to those affected by it. Through educational programs, community outreach, and resources.
Community Empowerment Group 
Community Empowerment Group for latina/hispanic women where community members participate in activities such as crafts, yoga, painting, makeup and other latina activities along with "Sana Sana Tisana", healing methods. The group meets once a week in the Columbus area.

For more information, please call:



For emergencies, please call 9-1-1.

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