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Las Pilas Dark Mexican Lager R E- L A U N C H

OHCO included the exclusive, second annual launch of Las Pilas Dark Mexican Lager with Plantains established in 2021, in collaboration with Land-Grant Brewing Company.

Las Pilas was derived from the motivational phrase in Spanish ‘ponte las pilas’ or literally ‘put in batteries’ commonly used among Latinos. Obviously, we are human beings that do not run on batteries, but rather, the phrase is used to encourage someone to work harder, do their best, or pay attention. This phrase is very similar to the English phrases “get it together” and “you can do this” all in one.

Why plantains? A plantain, a less sweet and starchy banana, is found in tropical areas and account for about 85% of all banana cultivation worldwide. The plantain is one of the most highly utilized produce throughout Latin America and commonly referred to as the ‘Latino potato’ in how versatile it is in cooking something savory, sweet, etc. One of the most common Latino side dishes in using the plantain in making maduros. A maduro is a fried ripe plantain coated with caramelized sugar and experience a custard-like texture as you bite in with the familiar sweet notes of banana.

The concept of ‘ponte las pilas’ was taking the idea of the ‘Latino potato’ that fuels the Latin American economy and Latino culture as a source of energy, like a battery, similar to the potato and lightbulb experiment we all did as kids in science class. The concept also showcases the Latino advancement in careers as more and more Latinos are in STEM-related (science, technology, engineering, math) roles.

So ‘ponte las pilas’ and re-charge with Las Pilas beer in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.

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